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Lectures and Workshops

·   Gifts of the Spirit - A Musical Lecture
·   Musical Miracles & Medicines - The Lecture
·   Musical Gifts - A One-Day Playshop
·   Musical Miracles & Medicines - A One-Day Playshop
·   Private Healing Sessions
·   Workshop Schedule Coming Soon

Gifts of the Spirit - A Musical Lecture
with Marnie Jones

Music is a tonic through which love, the ultimate healer, can be shared in a very pure way. Songs of catharsis, of reunion with the child within, of transformation, of a heavenly home long forgotten can seep into us right past our defenses. If we choose, we can learn to listen to the music of our hearts, to create deep music ourselves or to enjoy the music of others with greater discernment.

Marnie Jones creates music with her voice and with harps. In this musical lecture, she will share songs of healing for specific situations, the use of the human voice for releasing blocks and repairing weaknesses in our subtle energy bodies, and music intuited on the harp for contacting the energies of the angels and the divine mother. A variety of healing stories will be shared. As time permits, there will be demonstrations of sonic healing and harp music inspired by the needs of individual participants.

Musical Miracles & Medicines - The Lecture
with Marnie Jones

We humans are walking symphonies, each with our own glorious combination of tones and rhythmns. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits respond in miriads of ways to sounds and music. What is different about music that heals?

Come and hear how music from pop to rock, from classical to new age can heal. How might you use what you can find on the shelf to bring grounding? How can individualized harp music help you to be more creative? And come and hear about the miracles of the human voice as your greatest healing tool.

Musical Gifts - A One-Day Playshop
with Marnie Jones

Learning to listen deeply, with our intuition, our inner ear, even our muscles and our hearts will be the emphasis here. Sometimes, the muscles hold blockages which when "heard" offer us metaphors or clues as to their origins. In unlocking their secrets, we can acquire an appreciation for the wisdom of our being, release the stored-up stress and restore balance. We will explore a variety of sonic techniques designed to express and release.

Sound with either the voice and/or the harp can also be used to restore weakened energy patterns, such as in injuries.There will be demonstrations of this, depending on the needs of the attendees.

Another mode of deep listening involves musical "readings". Marnie will intuit short musical pieces which are inspired by the unique qualities of each person's energy, and specific to their being, their needs and their goals.

And, we will invite the energies of the angels and the divine mother. From a deep space, we will create a harmonic choir, listen to intuitively guided harp music and sing deeply with the open tuned autoharp.

No musical background is necessary. Participation is encouraged and never required. We will take a short lunch break.

Musical Miracles & Medicines - A One-Day Playshop
with Marnie Jones

The goal of this all-day playshop is to awaken us to the extraordinary possibilities that sound and music have in healing and to get in touch with our musical intuitions. What sort of music is healing to us, individually? One person's tonic might be another's poison. We will start by singing together, then listen to a variety of music and feel out how we are effected. We will discuss concepts, such as giving voice to the inner child, songs of miraculous events, the eulogy, humor and intent.

The human voice will have a large part to play. With this, our mightiest healing tool, we will release blocks, discover a wide range of sounds we might not thought of as healing and even discover some new and constructive uses, such as sound weaving. We will use tone to clear auras and to evoke heavenly energies.

We will discover the elements of water, metal, earth, air, fire and wood and the related instruments and experiment and jam with them. Always, participants will be invited to listen deeply and be directed from within. This will be a highly participatory day, although none will be pushed to participate beyond where they are comfortable. No musical background is necessary.

Finally, I will illustrate on the harp the benefits of music created specifically for individuals. Time permitting, each person will get to experience a personal piece of music tailored to their specific energy and persona.

Private Healing Sessions
with Sound, Music, and Reiki

Imagine music which touches you precisely because it is created for you, in your key and sensitive to who you are. Imagine music which can speak to your soul, nourish your inner child, even help you with goals and healing. Imagine sounds which melt your body's tensions and stresses and help you to feel whole again.

In my sessions, I begin with a discussion of your current health, life challenges and goals. Then I might create a precise vocal "sounding" to help you to release and balance. Often then I will play a piece (and sometimes two) on the harp for helping you to connect with your being in a deeper way and to enhance your goal achievement. This is recorded and the tape is given to you to play later.

As I have been a Reiki channel for over 20 years, I use Reiki to create a clear field for my intuitive sounding work and harp inprovisations. If you wish, I will give you Reiki energy, which most find to be beautifully nurturing. In the fall of 2002, I became a Karuna Reiki master. This allows for a greater flow and depth of energy. I find that there are vocal tones which help with the receptivity of the energy, so the two modalities work well together.

My sessions are custom-tailored to the needs and wishes of the client. Sessions are about one hour long and cost $60, plus any expenses involved in going a distance. I am open to trades, should that be mutually beneficial and I take credit cards. I am located in the Seattle area, but sometimes do a limited number of private sessions when I tour. Please call 206-463-2820 for an appointment.