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"ReUnion" Reviews

This music is fun! It is also pretty and inspiring. It's great music to sing along with, together. This album does what Jones intended; it gets people together, even if you're alone.
        - The Phoenix, Minneapolis, MN

Dedicated to those on the spiritual path to the runion of the spirit, thse sweet senstive songs are written and sung by Marnie, who usually sings solo in her birant voice, sometimes with a choir as a backup. She is accompanied by a gently rocking band, composed of piano, guitar, violin, cello, gbass, flute and others, making a full, folksy, upbeat sound. The vocals are clear and ringing. Easy listening, with a lot of craetive variety and chidlren seem to enjoy it. Lyrics are cherrful, encouraging , very personal and spiritual.

Some particularly sweet harmonies are found in the moving "I want to Fly". Somehow is a slow, soft love song. Sing Sing Sing seems perfect for gourp singing. THe artist's humor shows in the rocking boogy woogie Litterbugs. Several songs about love and relationships, like So much Here to Share. which pensitively speals of longing for a mate and a family. Some like the prayful, Father Love, have the sound of an old madrigal ballad. For general use, dance and driving.
        - Heartsong Review

A folk album of note...This clear-voiced soprano is at home on children's tunes and songs of self-searching, mostly of the earnest, sincere variety a la John Denver.
        - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Your music helped me through a very difficult time. ...Through it all, I listened to your music over and over. I found it very, very soothing and inspirational. I could find no other music anywhere near as harmonious and comforting as yours.
        - D.M., Minneapolis (a fan)