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"Journeys" Reviews

From a fan: Thank you for being such an uncomplicated, luminous, alive channel of angelic harmony. Your album is living proof of it. This music carried me through a "could've-been-nasty" root canal. It was as if you serenaded me. Yours is the music of an angel incarnate."
        - L., Minneapolis

With Marnie Jones and friends as your guides, from the percussive to the plucked, take an hour-long journey. These ten compositions transport you to a magical series of musical planes that become vividly etched in your mind-like frost on a sunlit window pane. The crystalline clarity of the harp is augmented by a superb recording that makes each note pure and lucid. Add to that the fine improvisational performances by Severin Behnen on synthesizer and Max Swanson on flute and clarinet and you have a delicate and soothing release that will lift your spirit as it calms away the stress and strain of any hectic day.
        - Halo Magazine

Not just another solo harp tape, this is a fully orcestrated sound experience featuring one woman's musical genius on harp, autoharp, bells, crystal gong and goblets, clave and indian drum. And, Marnie sings so sweetly. Fly Home gives the harp a lush setting provided by Severin Behnen on synthesizer. The deep bass pulses are perfect counterpoints to the delicate lightness of the harp. The lightness is continued in Zemal's mystery, only here it is contrasted with the mellow alto flute of Max Swanson. Instead of surrounding it, the flute converses with the harp. In Purple Delicacy, a subtle twining of the clarinet and harp creates an ethereal atmosphere of peace.

The crystal tones and chimes that begin Cosmic Cradle are pure and sweet as a rose bud. Mary's Garden is created by the mingled sounds of voice and autoharp, creating the feeling of a rainbow-clad garden. Drums and crystal gong are Heartbeat, a peaceful pulse to continue the inner journey of the album's title. All the inner journeys of meditation, comtemplation, communion and yoga are enhanced by this blissful music.
        - Heartsong Review

The only thing ordinary about this album is the title and the artist's last name! Marnie plays harp, autoharp, percussion and voice(she is also a singer/songwriter). She is supported by synth, flute and clarinet and the results are unsually and alluring, combining the elegance of the harp with an earthy feel. An intriguing and inspiring release.
        - Backroads Distributors

An hour of contemplative harp that keeps your interest alive. Played with a free improvisational spirit, backed by synthesizer and flutes, Marnie calls it "a recording from the heart and the spirit". This tape is one that is requested by guests who have previously heard it in our home. It is superb.
        - Erospirit