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"Grace" Reviews

"This is a very magical album and you will always find something fresh in it."
        - N.A.P.R.A. Journal

"Grace is more than a lovely album incorporating nature sounds. It is a true collaboration with these sensitive water creatures. ...Sounds delight the ear with delicate, compassionate, exquisite melodies that float in a world of serene sound."
        - Music Design

"Grace provides peaceful, inspiring listening as the creatures of the deep move the musicians to create music from their deeper selves."
        - Heartbeats Catalog

"Understated, yet expansive in nature."
        - New Age Retailer

"Intricate, joyfully spontaneous instrumentals that include ethereal solo pieces as well as essemble works. Flute, clarinet and tastefully adventurous percussion support Jones' neo-classical harp. Thirteen songs worth sharing with close friends."
        - P.J. Birosik

"This exquisitely beautiful album...offers a celebration of the whale and dolphins' songs and is clearly nature-inspired music with a wide range of moods. Recommended to all nature/music/ocean lovers, for relaxing, healing and moving."
        - Heartsong Review

"Uncluttered by the artificial trappings of synthesized recordings, Jones' acoustic improvisations carry a sense of spirituality, a mystical, ethereal warmth reminiscent of Andreas Vollenveider, Enya or Paul Winter and Paul Halley."
        - Dirty Linen

"An effortless, gentle weaving of sounds...Grace exemplifies the 'state of grace' in which whales and dolphins seem to live."
        - Leading Edge Review