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"Divine Blush" Reviews

Unusually beautiful music, this is Marnie Jones' third release, produced at Prince's paisley park Studios. Jones is a skilled harpist and the careful weaving of her delicate harp tones into the warm, comforting gentleness of jazz provided by Max Swanson and Stan O'Daffer offers a respite of quality listening among the multitude of "new age" music which has become all the same.
        - The Unicorn, Dallas, Texas

...Some of the album's airier, more ambient cross-cultural selections by the harpist, balafonist, Tibertan bell player, singer and ex-Tonka Toys industrial designer (I'm not making any of this up) have presence, stateliness and grace. Jones' pieces transform an environment better than most modern mood music drivel, in part because she employs some quite credible bandmates..."
        - Tom Surowicz, Twin Cities Reader, Minneapolis, MN

Editor's Pick: A classy and classic album with superlative flute passages, sensitive harp, essential, beautifully voiced percussion. The sounds are unexpected and consistantly lovely and inspiring...
        - Heartsong Review, Cottage Grove, OR

This trio creates a rich tapestry of melodies that sing in your heart. The music swings between deep reverance and playfulness, flavored with ethnic spice and accents of bells, percussion and Jones' celestial voice.
        - Leading Edge Review, Minneapolis, MN

Harp player Marnie Jones is a "real world" refugee who's become a leading light in the local "new age" community. She's an eloquent promoter of this misunderstood music...never mind the baggage of the musical catagory, Jones' music is a colorful expression of many vibrant moods and deserves a careful hearing.
        - Jim Meyer, City Pages, Minneapolis, MN

The promise of Marnie's first two efforts is fully realized on this new release, aiming surely at a soon-to-be captive audience.
        - Backroads Distributors, Corte Madera, CA