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Rise and Shine NEW!  Rise & Shine - Marnie's latest, an all-harp recording with just a bit of help from Max Swanson on winds, David Lange with touches of synth and Marnie's voice on "Sacred Mother". Recorded at David Lange Studios, 2002, CD.
Grace Grace - An all acoustic album which features the calls of whales and dolphins in an oceanic musical adventure of harp, voice, winds, cello and percussion. Special touches include coos from Marnie's baby son, ocean, and psaltery. Recorded at Minnesota Public Radio 1992, CD & Cassette.
Divine Blush Divine Blush - A rich tapestry of harp, flutes, piano and synthesizer, kungas and Marnie's angelic voice. Influences include eastern European, Native American and Japanese. 15 weeks on Billboard's New Age chart. Recorded at Prince's Paisley Park 1990, CD & Cassette.
Golden Wave Golden Wave - An improvisational collaboration with Marnie on harp and other strings, Max Swanson on winds, Severin Behnen on keys and Marnie and Severin on several gentle non-word vocals with some choir backup. An invocation of the Christ energy. 1989, CD & Cassette.

Journeys - An hour of contemplative harp music, embellished only slightly with touches of flute, drum, synth, clarinet and one vocal track. 1988, CD & Cassette.


Water Calls NEW!  Water Calls - Fourteen songs, eleven original. Marnie's vocal and guitar work with an all acoustic backup by some of Puget Sound's finest. Produced by Greg Scott and recorded by David Lange. Some stunning a capella work, too. 2001, CD.
Reunion ReUnion - Fourteen songs written and sung by Marnie, with delicate acoustic guitar, and accents of piano, violin, flute, cello and bass and vocal harmonies by partner Bruce Menier and a large chorus. 1987, Cassette.


Sacred Garden Sacred Garden - A collaboration with poet Carol Edson, with several pieces from Marnie's other albums as backdrops to Carol's dreamy shamanic poetry as well as some newly created ones and a poetic series by Marnie on "birth". 1994, Cassette.