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No concerts currently.

I hope to see you all at one event or another! -Marnie

How to hear me live

Hailing from the great Northwest, I am most available to do concerts, presentations and private sessions in this area. However, I do tour on occasion. And, I will keep this site updated. Also, I am available for interviews by the press, on radio and TV.

Invite this nationally-acclaimed recording artist and performer to play a concert in your living room for an afternoon or evening, or for your special occasion: wedding, birthday, opening, home tour, memorial service.

"In all of my playing in concert halls, clubs and churches, at parties, retreats and festivals, my favorite venue is the parlor or living room. It is a rare treat to offer sensitive acoustic music without amplification so that the subtlety of what I offer can be truly appreciated."

So warm the walls of your home and the hearts of your guests and friends with the lovely, angelic sounds of Marnie's harp, voice and other instruments. Guarantee 20-30 people at $10 each (depending on the location) or treat your guests. Call 206-463-2820.

Audience Comments:

"You gave me much comfort sharing your beautiful gift." -C.P.

"Loved the way you touched the soul." - S.S.

"I loved meeting you and hearing your wonderful service to the light in us all!!!" -K.L.

"I feel very inspired, blessed and grateful!" -M.W.

"What a joy and delight you are. Thank you, Thank you!" -B.S.

"Speechless in Sacramento." -L.D.

"At times mystical-angelic at all times.", P.L.

"The music with the autoharp filled the room with a sense of harmony. There was actual light and I was aware of the energy increasing-an amazing experience equal to sessions with a recognized energy master." -P.S.