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Marnie Jones has been acclaimed throughout the U.S. as a recording artist, harpist and singer. An ex-industrial designer, mid-life mom, Marnie offers live and recorded music, workshops and lectures on healing with sound and music, and individualized healing sessions. With the release of her two new albums, Water Calls and Rise & Shine, and the creation of this new site, she is back in the limelight!

Marnie says, "Music has been a passion of mine since I was ten. In 1985, after a 17- year career in industrial design, I started to focus on music as my life's work. After over 20 years as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, I started to create deeper music on the harp. I became aware that I had the ability to heal with my voice and to intuit music for individuals. As this new music heals me, my songs become deeper."

Marnie studied with Joel Andrews, Don Campbell, Kay Gardner and others, but has learned more from her students and clients than from any book or teacher. She has done Reiki healing since 1981 and recently became a Karuna Reiki® Master. Her spiritual journey began in the early 1970s. She has given lectures and workshops for holistic nurses, dolphin enthusiasts, spiritual retreatants, new thought church goers and holistic fairgoers in many areas of the US. Also, she has been on radio talk shows all over the country, as well as, cable TV in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Tacoma. Marnie lives on Vashon island in Washington's puget sound.